New Volunteer Co-ordinator Appointed

Claire has joined REAL Inc as our Volunteer Co-ordinator, and has been working with members to find suitable places where they can volunteer their time and skills. Members have begun to volunteer in kitchens and aged care facilities, and are loving their new friends and workplaces.

Claire has joined REAL Inc to engage adults with an intellectual disability in a volunteering position of their choice by:
* Identifying and setting goals around individual volunteering position preferences
* Providing support and instruction on using web sites such as Go Volunteer to identify volunteering opportunities and to learn how to respond to advertised positions
* Providing support to approach businesses to actively advertise participants’ willingness to be considered for volunteering.
* Increasing the capacity of the young adults to develop skills which are appropriate to employment situations such as punctuality, relating to work mates, staying on task, using the staff areas and rest rooms, travel, accepting instruction, awareness of safe practices and awareness of appropriate interaction (zero tolerance)
* Providing support to minimize anxiety and risk as the volunteer moves into a new setting and to gradually withdraw this support as appropriate.
* Facilitating telling their stories on the REAL website and by so doing the participants will gain experience in taking and uploading photos and videos.

We are excited to see what our members can achieve with Claire’s encouragement!