Nature Walk with Kayte

What a fantastic time we had with Kayte, who took us on an educational and informative nature walk at a local reserve.

We walked the path observing trees, and how they grow and adapt, and how each tree is so unique, even when they are same species. Trees respond to their environment, growing and changing, as competitors and threats and conditions change around them.

We went down to the river and looked for platypus that often frequent the area, but sadly were left disappointed – we’re going to back and search again though!

We returned to the hall and Kayte showed us lots of different types of leaves from lots of different types of bushes and trees – every one was so unique and beautiful! Short leaves, round leaves, green and silver leaves, symmetrical leaves, thick leaves – it was amazing! And then we got to draw or sketch our favourites as something to take home.

Thanks Kayte for such a fun night – we look forward to having you back!