Having fun in lockdown

It’s hard keeping busy and doing fun things when we’ve all been in lockdown, but our members are still doing lots of different activities with REAL Inc staff and volunteers.

They’ve been calling each other, and using Zoom to keep in touch and play games.

Volunteers have dropped off activity kits to members:
* Art kits with materials to make props for our drama
* Baking kits with all the ingredients they need to make muffins
* Colouring kits with pens and sheets to colour in
* Card-making kits with paper, stickers, stamps and pens to create cards for other members

Members have still been getting outside with a volunteer when they can:
* To go for a walk
* To walk their dog
* To play ball games in nearby parks

Well done to everyone for keeping your spirits up, and thank you to our wonderful staff and volunteers for contacting our members each week and staying in touch. Hopefully we’ll all be back together soon!