Art Kits for REAL Members in lockdown

It’s been an odd few months for everyone, including us at REAL. Although we cannot meet in person, we has been doing our best to provide continuous support and connections with our members. One way we have been doing this is through Art Kits.

The Art Kit program started with each member creating props for our (now postponed) recycling production, and the effects on our ocean life. Our members have been so wonderfully creative, making jellyfish, starfish, octopuses, and sea-themed necklaces out of various materials. One member Barbie even created a whole family of jellyfish. 

After the props were finished many members gave us promising feedback, so our kits continued to be delivered and extended to several different activities including sock puppets, beautiful canvas paintings, and even cooking and cake decorating sets. It’s been great seeing our members connect through their activities in a time where we cannot be in person. I have really enjoyed seeing the creations each member makes and the personal touches they add to each set.

Each kit is custom made for our members to engage their interests and abilities, and once a member finishes their kit a new one is made and dropped outside in their house in a reusable Coles or Woolies bag, with each item sanitized for our members’ safety!  

These kits have been a great way to keep REAL members entertained and safe in the pandemic, and thank you to all our members who have participated in the program and have been so inventive!