Term Program

All face-to-face programs for REAL Inc, including volunteering and Colour My World,
have now been suspended until further notice.

But we are staying connected, meeting on Zoom on a Tuesday night!

REAL is fun, healthy, social, inclusive, challenging, and active! REAL’s Leisure Program encourages members to join in a wide range of activities that build up their skills in areas such as drama, music, cooking, craft and sport. Staff are present to teach, encourage, and accompany members in these activities. ‘Normally’, programs are run on a Tuesday night at the Templestowe Memorial Hall, and members help plan the activities for the term, but for the moment we are meeting via Zoom. To receive the Zoom meeting link, please email vimpani@bigpond.net.au.

Tuesday 4th August: Pets!
We will have a special guest from the RSPCA joining us. You are invited to show us your pet if they live with you, or show us pictures of your pets, and share stories of your favourite pets. If you haven’t had a pet, what kind of a pet would you like? A dog, a fish, or maybe a bird? Share with us!